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The strategies for recruiting patients to your clinic are similar to those used by professionals who identify and secure potential donors in fundraising efforts. Brenda Cressey, in an article about capital campaign funding for The Rotarian, mentioned these key points:

Identify potential consumers of your service in your geographic area: who may need physical therapy?

  1. Cultivate a relationship: get in front of potential patients (who also have family, friends and acquaintances) who may need physical therapy. Let them know what is unique and special about your clinic: immediate scheduling of appointments, robust exercise programs, individually tailored treatment plans, and specialty services.
  2. Solicit those prospective patients and referral sources: request that they ask for you or a colleague, specifically, to be their physical therapist. Ask that they recommend you personally. Be bold in reminding consumers that in most cases they do have a choice in who they select as their physical therapy provider.
  3. Remember to thank the patients that chose you to be their provider of physical therapy services. Thank the folks who refer patients to you. Remember that every relationship has played a role in where you are today as a successful clinic manager and physical therapist.

So, like successful fundraising campaigns, physical therapy practice management demands vigilance in recognizing that potential consumers have many choices. And what will set them apart, much like what sets capital donors apart in the organizations to which they donate and support, will likely come down to a relationship that the patient, or potential patient values: you and your skills as a physical therapist and practice manager.

Photo from NASA SpaceX